Thursday, February 3, 2011

L is for Lover

With Valentine's day approaching and me always browsing lovey dovey stuff in planning for our wedding, I came across these super cute love themed posters sold on etsy. I love the simple, bold type and fun phrases. I may have to take some inspiration from these for a card or wedding related something.

Find these prints at:
Nicole Gelinas
Dear Colleen
The Big Harrumph
Bubby and Bean


  1. ps. do you follow 'A Beautiful Mess'? I have the biggest lifestyle-crush on those sisters. From a neat blog to opening up a fab vintage shop, they're leading a pretty stylish & DIY life (in Springfield, MO of all places!) Anyway, my point was, they also just started a wedding blog...thought you might be interested, in case you don't know about it already! Though I'm sure there are 9324875190386458 hip wedding blogs out there!


  2. Thanks for the recommendation - I haven't checked out that blog yet, but I will now! Always looking for more wedding porn!