Thursday, May 5, 2011


It's garden improvement time! We were able to procure 7 tree stumps from an event Justin worked and they have been sitting in our hallway for months. Well now that the weather has been warming up we have taken to making them into stools for our backyard. Well "making" is maybe the wrong word - more like preparing them.

First step is sanding the tops of the stumps for a nice even, smooth sitting surface.

Next we applied a fast drying polyurathane to the tops and bottoms of the stumps to prevent rot (hopefully!).

Then we decided to make a quick and possibly temporary table to go along with our new stump stools. For the table we used a stump as the pedestal of the table and screwed a square piece of wood on top of it into the stump. Then we laid ceramic tiles on top to create a sturdy surface. We haven't technically adhered the tiles yet, but in time!

And there you have it! Delightful woodland garden seating and a table made from upcycled tree stumps!