Monday, March 28, 2011

The House of Many Projects

As you can probably tell from my blog, there is always some sort of project going on in our house - and usually multiple ones at the same time! Tonight (after working all day) we decided to start two projects simultaneously - painting a statement wall and refinishing our wood floors. Ok yes. We are probably crazy.

Project 1: Painting a statement wall.
We have been trying to decide for months since moving in what to do with our mostly bare walls in our apartment. I hate a bare wall - any empty square inch on this earth should be filled with beauty! So today I came across a photo of a wall with a zig zag chevron painted design across it and loved the look. I immediately sent the image to Justin and he approved.  Perhaps because we are both impatient, we started taping off the wall right after I got home from work. The finished wall will be a light yellow and white zig zag pattern going from the floor to the ceiling on just one wall.

Project 2: Refinishing the wood floors
The wood floors in our apartment are interesting. In our bedroom they are completely gorgeous with diagonal planks and decorative corners. Some of this pattern continues into the living room but then changes to just straight planks - and a lot of those planks have a significant amount of wear and tear. Although we are renters, we wanted to improve the floors so there aren't big cracks between the planks and pieces sticking up that give us splinters. With the help of our landlord, we are filling in the floor with wood putty, sanding it, staining it, and sealing it. Phew!

With all this action happening in our house on a Monday night, our cat Blue pretty much thinks we are crazy. But he shouldn't be too surprised, this is pretty much a normal Monday night for us!

Updates will come as our projects progress!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Royal Wedding Card Set!? Yes... and I made it

As April 29th approaches, it seems like everyone and their mother-in-law is trying to make a buck off of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton - including my client Topps! I was graced with the opportunity to create the card set and packaging for the Royal Wedding Commemorative Card Collection which will be sold on QVC. Yes... QVC - tell all of your grandmas!

The card set includes tons of photos of Will, Kate, Princess Diana, Prince Harry and Prince Charles throughout the years along with interesting tidbits about their lives and their love story. It will also feature photos from the day of their wedding = manic rush for me on their wedding day to get the new cards to the printer!

Although I do understand the attraction of following the Royal Wedding, I am not going to go as far as calling it the "wedding of the year." I have another wedding in mind a bit closer to me that's going to be just as fabu - although with far less royalty in attendance!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update on our big (messy) project!

Back in January I originally posted about a big project we are undertaking for our wedding - creating an arch for us to get married under out of twirly yarn globes:

Well, we finally got around to doing some initial experimenting and I am happy to report: Success!

We followed the instructions on this blog: with a few customizations. Other than the messy factor, this was a super simple project that could be easily replicated by anyone. The finished product could be small and used as a table top decoration, or large to create a freakin' awesome hanging lamp.

Ok, lets get messy!

Balloons, white cotton yarn, scissors, corn starch, school glue, spray oil
We decided to alter the supplies a bit from the original blog. They suggested coating the balloon with petroleum jelly but we thought petroleum = big oil = not eco-friendly = not for our green wedding! So we decided to try spray cooking oil, which ended up working great and seems to be less messy as well.

Blow up a balloon (or 3). Its best to not blow the balloons up to their maximum capacity so that it is rounder. We highly suggest using novelty balloons given to you by eccentric relatives (thanks Uncle Tim!).

Hang the balloons over a tarp or cardboard to protect from dripping glue. Spray down the balloons with the spray cooking oil liberally.

Mix 4 oz. white school glue (one normal size glue bottle) with 1/2 cup corn starch and 1/4 cup warm water with your fingers (dig in!) until there are no clumps. Take one end of the yarn and feed it through the glue mix and then start wrapping the gluey yarn vertically around the balloon until its covered well and then switch to horizontally wrapping. Once your balloon is wrapped to your pleasure, tuck the ends of the yarn under another piece.

Now leave your balloons alone for 24 hours to dry. Note: keep cats away, they will want to ruin your project (probably out of jealousy).

After waiting a day for the yarn to dry... pop your balloon! This part is especially exciting - but also messy as we learned: all of the glue that dried on the balloon flew into the air and all over the balloon popper (me). Then bring your very exciting twirly yarn globes outside to give a coating of clear fast drying spray paint all over your new creation.

Now you have a super fun finished project! That was easy right? Now to figure out how to make these into an arch... hmm...

Things we learned from this experiment:

• The glue mix is only enough for one large balloon or 2 smaller balloons (totally shocked me!). This means we are going to have to buy a giant jug of school glue for our project (yes Justin, you were right and I was wrong).

• Spray cooking oil works well as a substitute to petroleum jelly.

• The mess doesn't end once the glue dries. The dried glue on the balloon goes EVERYWHERE when you pop the balloon.

• We are going to have to buy over-sized balloons to get larger round shapes. The balloon shape really starts to distort and become oblong quickly.

• The finished twirly yarn globes are actually quite strong! This is great news for our future arch.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bexcessories isn't totally gone!

Although I am not currently designing items to sell on my Bexcessories Etsy shop, (hats and hair accessories for the uninitiated) I still am making some items for friends and family. The Etsy shop just ended up being overly time consuming - especially with wedding planning in full swing now! If anyone wants a hat or hair accessory I would still be happy to create it for them - like this hat I made for my lovely Aunt Sandi! I really love the mix of feathers creating an interesting contrast of color and texture on this piece along with the visual interest of the vintage buttons. I also attached the decoration to the hat with velcro so it could be worn in multiple ways!
For any custom Bexcessories request either contact me through this blog or my business email:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm a Fanila!

One of my most fab friends (and the person I am lucky enough to sit by every day at work!) is the gorgeous drag queen Manila Luzon! She is competing in this season of RuPaul's Drag Race, so of course I am a total "Fanila" (fan of Manila!). So to show my support I created some Fanila Art. I have never claimed to be an illustrator, but I think it turned out pretty cute for a quick illustration. This is showing Manila on the most recent episode with a patriotic theme - and whats more American than money!?

Become a Fanila yourself on facebook:!/manilaluzonfanpage
And watch episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race on LOGO, VH1 or online at:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Complete Fiction

I just received a copy of the most recent book cover I designed that has been published - The Complete Fiction by H.P. Lovecraft. This book is a part of the Barnes & Noble leatherbound collection that I have designed many covers for. I really like the way this cover turned out because it is so different from the others in the collection - mainly in that it is very abstract and modern while the others look like old timey originals. Look for this title and the other leatherbounds at Barnes & Noble - and also look for my name in the front of the book!