Friday, January 28, 2011

The High Life

One of the primary duties at my day job is creating style guides for different properties that want to sell licensed product. A style guide is composed of graphics, patterns, icons, fonts, logos and a color palette that licensees can use to create products.

The latest property we are developing a style guide for is the Showtime show Weeds. The first step in developing the style guide is presenting 3 different trend boards. The trend boards show an example of what the artwork would look like, the trend inspiration (existing graphics in the marketplace that are on trend), a color palette and font selection.

So with all of that explanation - here is my trend board for Weeds. I have always thought Weeds was a good, not great show and I've seen most of the episodes so I'm pretty familiar with the plot. It's kind of a hard property to draw graphical inspiration from since most of the plot revolves around the characters - and we aren't allowed to use images of the characters! So I decided to pick up on the contradiction of a suburban housewife selling weed and use an icon of a marijuana leaf as a patterned element that may be seen in something sold at Crate & Barrel for example. These aren't finished graphics, but just preliminary designs to give the client an idea of the trend proposal.

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