Thursday, January 27, 2011


So I often use online digital printers to print business cards, postcards, invites, etc. Well for my most recent project I wanted to print square cards and all of my go-to printers only print rectangle shapes (????). So I researched a bit and came across

At CatPrint you can select any size format you want - what freedom! Also they have a wide selection of paper choices (lux cotton, yes please!). On top of that, the price was right. I went ahead and placed my order with them. I received a phone call from a customer service rep who asked me about my cropping specifications. I was really impressed they cared enough to call - for this job I am cropping  the text to bleed off the edges so they wanted to make sure its right.

Well, when I received my prints they were unfortunately cropped incorrectly with the text only bleeding off 2 edges instead of all 4. I emailed catprint about this issue and asked if they could quickly resolve it.

I got a prompt response claiming all responsibility and apologizing profusely for the oversight. They offered to resolve the issue and get me corrected prints in just a couple days. I received the prints last night and they are perfect. I am really impressed with CatPrint and the way the handled the problem - it is rare these days to find somewhere with good customer service!

Overall, even though there was a slight problem with my job, I would highly recommend CatPrint to anyone looking to do a custom print job! Use this referral link from CatPrint if you are interesting in getting something printed through them:

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